Monster Hunter Assassin’s Creed Crossover revealed

Yes, you have read the title correct, two massive game franchises coming together to make one crossover event for Monster Hunter: World players.
Players will find themselves with a new difficult quest called “SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce” alongside with complete outfits of Bayek of Siwa from Assassin’s Creed Origins and the most beloved Ezio Auditore from Assassin Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations.

As Monster Hunter: World fans are familiar with battling with strong level monsters, this quest is no different where the players will have to use stealth and everything in their armoury to successfully complete it. The player will not go unrewarded though, as you complete the quest the player will gain a Senu Feather. This fancy feather isn’t for tickling though, you can obtain two of the Senu Feathers and trade them in for some new shiny armour, the Bayek Layered Armor or the Ezio-style Assassin’s Hood which both can go over your existing armour.

Of course, dressing up as an Assassin doesn’t make you a true member of the brotherhood of assassin’s, but with the perks that come with the newly added armour such as, more damage when attacking from the stealth state, and makes you faster when running or climbing, you can definitely become one.

The event is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 players, but there hasn’t been any word for release on PC.

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