Battle Royale Mode ‘Warzone’ May Be Out In Days

Battle Royale Mode Warzone May Be Out By March 3.
(Picture: Activision/Infinity Ward).

Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, Warzone, may be out in a matter of days. This is according to an in-game clue discovered within the Bazaar Map. The easter egg, a blank map, appears to read “03/03” underneath. Basically, March 3. So, have the developers given us the release date?

It’d be unsurprising if this became reality, but right now, nothing has been set in stone. It appears to add credibility to a tradition where Infinity Ward distributes new games on Tuesdays. Curiously, March 3, 2020, lands on a Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Modern Warfare’s menu has been updated with the latest patch. MP1st notes that a “Transmission Incoming” screen has appeared within the “Classified” section. So, again, maybe Infinity Ward are much closer to revealing something big sooner than we expect.

In recent weeks, there have been multiple leaks towards the arrival of Warzone. Gameplay from TheGamingRevolutionYT appeared online recently. Strangely, the footage has since been removed on the grounds of copyright by Activision.

So, as well as this, there was an audio file of Captain Price’s voice, and a screenshot. A cinematic cut scene from the Season 2 trailer appears to further hint toward the battle royale mode.

Warzone is due for release as a standalone game. Plus, it’ll be for free. There’s an option for players to purchase an ‘upgrade’ to the full version of Modern Warfare. Furthermore, it’s likely Warzone will share unified progression with Modern Warfare’s current Battle Pass. Cosmetic unlocks are also anticipated in the battle royale mode.

If the easter egg is really what players think it is, then Warzone could be out within a matter of days. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now, available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, in other COD news, the Rust Map is back. Yes…

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