Miyamoto on Future Nintendo Theme Park

Miyamoto-Sensei speaks words

During a recent shareholders meeting Shigeru Miyamoto made some remarks on the proposed Nintendo theme park at Universal Studios.

He explained that the establishment of a fully integrated theme park will vastly expand sales as parents who have already grown up with Nintendo products will want to bring their children to the park.

Miyamoto further states that several Nintendo IP will be featured in the park such as Bowser and Princess Peach’s castles, and a possible Mario Kart racing track.

As with most themed areas in Universal Studios the music will also play an integral role in experience enhancement.

He ends by saying that the new Nintendo area will be initially featured in Universal Studios Japan, with the proposed completion date being prior to the start of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Possible further expansion to Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando are said to be planned in lieu of Japan’s success.

I for one am thrilled at the possibility of a Nintendo themed area in Universal Studios and can’t wait to hear even more about it as we approach 2020.

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