Mircosoft supposedly had a controversial deal with Ubisoft’s The Division

Sometime ago when Ubisoft released their title Tom Clancy’s The Division in 2016 the game’s graphical reception at the time wasn’t as impressive as people hoped it would be on consoles. Apparently there is a reason for that.

According to a report from VG247 from anonymous sources that Mircosoft had a deal with Ubisoft which made them make a version of The Division that was no better on the PS4 than on the Xbox One at the time. This was before the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were available and the PS4 at the time was superior to the Xbox One on a technical standpoint.

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“On The Division, Xbox had a deal with Ubisoft, and part of that deal was to ensure that the PS4 version did not look better than it,” the anonymous source is cited as saying. “The resolution, frame rates, and density of assets could have been higher on PS4, but this was vetoed to prevent issues with Microsoft.”

If this is true that is messed up. We all know the rocky start the Xbox One had at launch but this seems a little desperate on their part. Though to be fair this did happen when Mircosoft and the Xbox were at a downward cycle with their console. The Xbox One has come a long way from harsh negative feedback and poor decisions but it seems that Mircosoft took in the criticism and used it to their advantage.

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