Ps4 players can now trade at the Minecraft Marketplace. (Image: www.mojang.com)

Minecraft will be updating its current PlayStation 4 version and will finally introduce a cross-play feature with the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs.

The update comes tomorrow, Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, and will be the new update all players will be able to have. It’s gonna be free for the gamers who already own the preexisting version.

This new update will bring a preexisting feature to the Ps4: the Minecraft Marketplace. Now, PlayStation gamers can trade skins, worlds, and a variety of content packs.

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Are you guys gonna pick up the update when it releases? It seems to have a load of content ready to get lost in. Let us know in the comments below!

While you ‘re checking out all those Minecraft playthroughs, check out our official YouTube channel for all the latest news, trends, and features!

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