Minecraft – Official Ray Tracing Support Revealed

Ray Tracing

I never thought I’d say Minecraft looks sexy… But with ray tracing support by Nvidia, what else can I say?… In a recent announcement Nvidia gave us a sneak peak on what ray tracing on  Minecraft will look like along with the official announcement that ray tracing is coming! Check out the video below!

Nvidia describe the benefits of upgrading Minecraft in this way like so.. “Lighting is upgraded to real-time global illumination, enabling light to realistically illuminate blocks and buildings as the world is modified. Emissive blocks like Glowstone and Lava can illuminate environments, along with other dynamic game elements. Water, glass and other reflective surfaces show accurate real-time reflections, mirroring their surroundings.”

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It is said that Minecraft will have ray tracing support later this year and that it will moddable so expect all your previous saves / designs to come to life! Let us know what you think of the video in the comments section below!

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