Minecraft Earth Now Available in UK

An example of Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Eath Demonstration (Image: Microsoft, Mojang)

After first being announced back in May of this year and further detailed back in September, Minecraft Earth is now available in the UK. The build released is the Early Access version, which will feature the new Adventures mode, which offers the ability to work with others to gain new resources.

For the uninformed, Minecraft Earth is an AR sandbox game that will allow you to build structures and gather resources in augmented reality seen with a mobile device. Buildings will be able to be added onto from other players and to offer a more cooperative experience.


The goal is to turn the real world into the next Minecraft world and to allow users of any age to connect. Minecraft Earth will also strive to keep in account physical objects in the real world, so there are fewer instances of incidents with the AR simulation.

This, in turn, is part of why the game is taking so long to roll out as Microsoft and Mojang aim to offer the best experience for everyone. Due to this, Microsoft is slightly behind in the original plan of rolling out the game globally for all countries before the end of 2019.

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