Minecraft Dungeons has been revealed

Minecraft Dungeons has been revealed

Recently, Mojang has revealed their latest incarnation of Minecraft with Minecraft Dungeons. To add on, the game is set to be released next year for PC. On top of that, a trailer was released showing this new extension of the Minecraft world. Though the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay it’s being compared to Blizzard’s Diablo series. Then again, based on what we see in the trailer it’s not hard to see those comparisons.

“This was a passion project from a small dedicated team at Mojang,” said Jens Bergensten, lead developer at the studio. “It lets players live the experience of spelunking, mining, and cave exploring in the sense of a classic dungeon crawler game.”

Additionally, the game will be similar to Minecraft: Story Mode with its own story along with new items and bosses.

“It’s a distilled version of ‘Minecraft,’” Bergensten said, noting that it won’t have building or block destruction. “We wanted to focus on making the dungeon crawler part of the game as good as possible. We talked about adding building a lot, but we were concerned it would distract from what the game is meant to be about.”

To sum this up, this is exciting news to hear. That with the fact that Telltale Games recently closed its doors things felt a little cloudy as far as the future of those games. Not to mention the creative aspect this game can offer makes it feel more worthy to wait for next year.

Comment below if you’re going to play Minecraft Dungeons. In addition, the trailer to the game is available below. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, gameplay for Darkseid in LEGO DC Villains has been revealed.

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