Minecraft 2 is not happening

Minecraft 2 is not happening

Recently, it was announced that a new spin-off title of Minecraft has been announced titled Minecraft: Dungeons which will be released next year on PC. Though there is confirmation that a direct sequel to the game is not in development. As of late, Mojang the company behind the game is trying to “keep our community together”.

Helen Chlang, head at Mojang has gone into detail on this even saying Mircosoft doesn’t want a sequel either.

“I really don’t think that makes sense for Minecraft, given the community. It’s something that always fractures the community,”

“We’re trying to keep our community together. That’s why our updates are free. We don’t want to ask [players] to move from Minecraft 1 to Minecraft 2. We want them to just enjoy Minecraft,” she explained.

“And there are other ways that we can expand that are more meaningful and authentic to what we want to be, rather than just releasing another iteration in the way that most other franchises do.”

Currently, Minecraft gathers 91 million users a month which is outstanding for the game. Additionally, it doesn’t make sense to have a sequel to an already popular title. Sequels today are starting to be produced in large gaps of each other. Not to mention this is a game that gets new updates regardless to stay fresh.

Comment on below if you’d like a sequel to Minecraft. Also, if you liked this article why not share it social media. In other news, new footage of a Harry Potter RPG has surfaced.

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