Microsoft May Have Leaked Halo: The Master Chief Collection For PC

PC players are going to be getting very lucky soon as it looks like Halo: The Master Chief Collections is finally coming to mouse and keyboard. This leak was done by Microsoft themselves. They listed the collection of remastered Halo games on the official Microsoft Store as a Surface Hub title.

Halo Master Chief collection use to be listed as Xbox only, but recently was changed to Hub. Hub means that the game is compatible with the Surface Hub. Everyone that does not know, Surface Hub is an interactive touchscreen used in classrooms designed by Microsoft.

If you happen to watch the video above, you can see Brad Sams, a writer for, who specializes in Microsoft rumors. He suggested that we will be seeing the game very soon on PC.

What PC fans out there are happy to see Halo: Master Chief collection come to PC? Comment below!

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