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E3 is right around the corner and will begin June 11th, and as we see every year rumours start to come out as we get closer and closer, now all leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt as it is hard to tell who is just making stuff up and who isn’t.

Today user Braldyr from NeoGAF claims to reveal Microsoft’s entire E3 2019 press conference plans. Braldyr goes on to leak all the games and announcements that will supposedly happen. Down below is the full list of leaks.

Definitely taking place

Halo Infinite – Info Dump + New Trailer and Holiday 2020 Release (Cross-gen)
Gears 5 – Full Gameplay Reveal/Demo Walkthrough + Multiplayer and September Release Date is indeed real (I knew about this before the leak happened)
Gears Tactics – Info Dump + New Trailer and Release Date for PC Later this year
Ori and the WIll of the Wisps – Final trailer with final release date for Later this year
Bleeding Edge – Ninja’s Theory next game (I am hearing 2 conflicting reports, 1 stating that it’s a co-op horde-like Sci-fi shooter with aliens across different planets and intense boss fights and another that it’s an arena multiplayer PvP game – have no 100% confirmation yet on what exactly it is. One thing for sure that it is indeed a game in a Sci-fi universe and most likely a cross-gen title as well for 2020)
The Outer Worlds – Info Dumb, New Gameplay Trailer and a Release Date
Cyberpunk 2077 – Progress Update/New Gameplay Trailer and a Targeted Date

Age of Empires IV – Info Dump/Gameplay Reveal- 2020 Release

Fable – This is nothing new or real secret at this point. Honestly, worst kept secret, this was leaked back in end of 2017/early 2018 on Eurogamer if I am not mistaken. It was said that Playgrounds is working on a Open World game and then later speculated that it was Fable. However, it was not confirmed if it was 100% Fable but rather just Open World RPG. Some people are hoping that it is not Fable and a brand new open world RPG IP and of course the Fable fans do want it to be Fable.

However, I can now confirm that it is indeed a Fable game. Some speculate it’s actually Fable IV, but the reality is that it’s a new beginning for the Fable franchise. This game started development in late 2017 and has been in development now for little over 2 years now. It is a next-gen game ONLY and you will most likely NOT see it until 2021 at retail at the earliest. You will see a glimpse of a small teaser trailer most likely at this year’s E3 and in 2020 you will see much more of the game.

Sea of Thieves – Joe Neate and Mike Chapman confirmed in one of their recent dev updates on their official Sea of Thieves YouTube channel that they will be in teaser mode for the upcoming Sea of Thieves content at this year’s E3.

Battletoads – They were announced last year with a 2019 release date. We will see some gameplay and finally see how the game looks, plays and feels along with a final release target as well.

Project xCloud – Info Dump, Public Test Dates/Rollouts – This will be Microsoft’s one of the biggest if not the biggest focus this year prior to next-gen system launches. This is where we will be helping them get ready for a solid year or so before new systems get out in the wild.

Xbox Lockhart/Xbox Anaconda – Scorpio style reveal (Similar to E3 2016’s Scorpio/Xbox One X Tease) No physical look of the console, but a baseline of specs including tFlops, Ram, Bandwidth, CPU, SSD and of course Ray-tracing – this is considered a small reveal. Full reveal most likely next year, we’re still a year and a half of from the launch of new-gen system and there are still many 3rd party and 1st party title to come out yet on current gen systems, but yes the tease and the obvious semi-reveal at this point is well on its way.

It’s Going to be a BIG Party – With Microsoft being the only console manufacturer that’s holding a physical E3 conference this year – expect A LOT of NEW 3rd Party Stuff.

High Chance of Happening


MechAssault/Mech Game – Reveal (Microsoft owns the right to MechAssault, for those who do not know. There is a VERY high chance that a new mech game has been in the works and it will be finally revealed here)

Next Forza Motorsport – Reveal (It’s been a while since Turn 10 has showcased anything and this year they’re skipping Forza most likely to release with next-gen systems next year as a 1st party next-gen racing experience. Very good chance of a tease/reveal)

Capcom Next Big Title – Reveal (Every year and every E3 and honestly this whole generation Capcom has been on an insane roll of satisfying their fans and fulfilling their dreams. Shortly after the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake – rumors of Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 3 Remake started to pop around all over the web. However, Capcom has also other titles under their belt and they’ve recently said that Dead Rising is still an important franchise to them to this day.

While I do not know which game it may be exactly that there are revealing. I do know that they’re going to be doing what the fans want and yes they also never ever denied the existence of Dino Crisis and stated not too long ago on their official twitter that they would love to do it depending on how bad the fans want it – here is the link to the tweet. So the story with Capcom is, they’re open to many things and the question is rather when to reveal what and where.

I personally doubt it Resident Evil 8, I believe that’s still early and if anything Resident Evil 3 Remake will come first as far as the release schedule goes. Now is it Dead Rising 5 or Dino Crisis Reboot? That’s really hard to say, Dead Rising has a strong Xbox history, so I could see this as something either for end of 2020 as another launch title or they might want to shock everyone with a Dino Crisis tease (Similar to how they did with DMC 5 last year and Monster Hunter: World in 2017 @ Sony’s Conference) or who knows, maybe they’re working on something completely new and unexpected)

More Japanese Games/Teams – Last year’s E3 Microsoft had quite a lot of Japanese developers at their stage. I expect more of the same this year with a few surprises as well.

Small Chance Of Happening

Next-gen Rare IP – According to what I been hearing, the next IP from Rare was described as “If you enjoy a game like Sea of Thieves, then you will be looking forward to their next project” – What do I make of this? Well, this is a tough one, because I am very well aware and I am sure most of you as well that Rare is indeed a much larger company now than they were before and that they have multiple teams working on new projects as we speak.

However, it comes down to this – do we want to see everything Microsoft has to offer? Of course we do. Is it a smart idea for them to do that? Absolutely not, as I’ve said previously we’re still a year and a half away from Next-Gen launch and I believe that this is something I’d rather see at next year’s E3. There is a chance of this happening at this year as well, but I honestly highly doubt that it will. Fable, New Capcom Title, Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, Mech Game, and other 3rd party surprises that they have up their sleeve honestly should be more than enough for them and for us until next year’s E3 imo.

Perfect Dark Reboot – Reboot of the franchise but this time in 3rd person view as opposed to 1st person – not being developed by Rare but supervised by Rare (Remember, Rare DOES NOTwork on old IPs anymore, they hand them over to other studios/teams – Battletoads is an example of that – it’s being developed by Dlala Studios under the supervision of Rare as far as I am concerned. This a game you 100% won’t see for a long time, but it’s happening most likely next year.

Xbox Game Studios

I know of 3 Studios that have been approached at some point in time either for an offer or an actual acquisition that’s currently being processed

Approached/Being Purchased

IO Interactive – Rumors about this started to float around end of last year. Also, apparently not too long ago a letter of intent was already given a few months ago to this particular studio according to some sources. The weird thing is though, IO Interactive actually expanded and did open up a new office in a different country earlier this year in January – so I am kind of confused on what’s actually happening with them at the moment or if the source even correct and not misinformed.

Relic Entertainment – Microsoft is speaking to them, they want a studio dedicated to RTS games and they’re also the ones making Age of Empires IV for them exclusively as well at the moment. However, Sega is a bit of a barricade at the moment)

Asobo – I don’t know much about this studio myself, but heard from sources that they’re in the talks.

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Source: NeoGaf


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