Metal Gear Solid – A New Game is Being Teased on Twitter!?


“Kept you waiting huh?!??”

Recently, Metal Gear Solid voice actor and singer ‘Donna Burke’ took to Twitter to share with us a new video. The tweet (shown below) apparently shows her recording something for a new Metal Gear Solid.

As you can see, the tweet captions the clip saying “secret project hype,” adding the iconic MGS line: “Kept you waiting huh?!??”. Naturally, this tweet has sent MGS fans into a craze. Some believe this could be hinting at a new MGS collection or a remake. Others think this could be a hint towards a ‘Metal Gear Solid 6’.

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Personally, without Kojima on board I don’t know whether or not I actually want there to be an MGS 6… However, I would love to see a remake of Metal Gear Solid 1. What do you think the tweet is referring to? Let us know in the comments section below!

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