Metal Gear Solid 4 Can Now Be Emulated In Its Entirety

A screenshot from Metal Gear Solid 4.

Metal Gear Solid 4 looks better than ever emulated on PC running at 60 FPS. Image Source: Konami

When you think of emulation, you might think small. You might think about playing the Gameboy Advance Pokemon games on your phone, or being able to play your favourite Nintendo 64 games on a PC. What many don’t realise, however, is that the emulation community have been making it possible to emulate much newer games for quite some time now, and this newest story only serves to prove that further. Over the past 8-or-so years, a talented group of programmers have been developing RPCS3, a feature-rich PlayStation 3 emulator which allows users to play games at higher resolutions and framerates than were available on the PS3.

Now, a custom build of the emulator has made it possible to play all of Metal Gear Solid 4, from start to finish, entirely emulated on a PC. Not only that, this version frequently hits 60 FPS, double the 30 that the PS3 version was locked at. Previously, MGS4 was only playable on PS3 – the game didn’t ever receive any kind of remaster or re-release, so being able to play the game on modern hardware is good news for everyone.

RPCS3 also boasts an impressive list of other games that are playable from start to finish, which includes titles like Scott Pilgrim VS The World – a game which would be otherwise unplayable even on PS3 since it was removed from all digital storefronts. This level of compatibility is impressive, especially considering that the PS3 was notorious for its awkward architecture. Even PlayStation 2 emulation has not quite been perfected yet, making this news doubly impressive.

Does This Mean Anything for the PS5?

This news also comes to us whilst tensions are high for PlayStation fans. Rumours are floating around in regards to whether or not the upcoming PlayStation 5 will feature backwards compatibility for all previous home PlayStation consoles. We now know that the PS5 will be able to play your PS4 games, but what fans are wondering about is whether the system will play your PS1, 2 and 3 games. While PS1 and 2 are reasonably easy to emulate with adequately powerful hardware, concerns are high about whether Sony will be able to make the PS5 to emulate PS3 games, so these leaps forward in emulation is good news in that regard.

Take a look at the game running on the emulator here:

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