Masterminds And Maps Revealed For Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil 3 Resistance Masterminds.
A new take on Resident Evil, will you make a good Mastermind? (Picture: Capcom).

Two new maps and masterminds have been revealed for Resident Evil: Resistance. So, there’s Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer, the two playable characters. Capcom says Alex will have more traps than other Masterminds.

Elsewhere, there’s an abandoned horror-themed park and casino for the purpose of challenging survivors.

Wesker has the ability to set up barriers against survivors. For example, there’s her plant-based bioweapon Yateveo.

Yateveo can be placed in front of an objective to create trouble for survivors. Moreover, Resistance producer Peter Fabiano spoke to Playstation Blog, keen to find out how players would use the bioweapon.

“You’ve got a few plant-based enemies in the Resident Evil series. Plant 42, Ivy, and the Huge Plant from the Outbreak games, for example.”

“Yateveo doesn’t take direct influence from any of them – or maybe it indirectly does from all of them – but we thought it would be interesting to have a Mastermind use a creature that’s fixed in one spot,” Fabiano said.

He further added: “This could add a layer of strategy to how Masterminds could play.”

However, Ozwell does not have a bioweapon. He can put down a Disintegration Field. As a result, he can inflict huge damage on survivors. Plus, the field will not affect creatures and has the advantage of a shorter cooldown rate.

“The cooldown is much shorter than other bioweapons, and only does damage to the Survivors – the creatures he places are unaffected,” Fabiano said.

Spencer will constantly re-direct the Survivors, and use this to his advantage. As a result, it’ll change the pacing of gameplay and wear down the Survivors over time.

Resident Evil 3 is due out on April 3 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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