Massive update for Rage 2 out now, adds New Game+, Nightmare Difficulty, plus more

The second major update for Rage 2 is now live for consoles and PC, which introduces lots more content to the base game.

First off, is a New Game+ which the title surely needed, this will allow you to play through the title again, with everything that you have unlocked, weapons, abilities, so on and so forth. Along with this, you will earn Prestige badges in New Game+.

Second, is an Iron Man mode, where if you have never heard of this feature before, it is essentially one life mode. You die once, and it is game over, you have to start the game anew, from the beginning. Sadly, checkpoints will not save you this time.

And lastly, if Iron Man isn’t enough of a challenge for you, then why not combine it with a new difficulty? That’s right; Ultra Nightmare is released, which promises to ramp up the difficulty significantly.

Finishing off the free update are a variety of quality-of-life improvements, skins and some new cheats for you to test out. It also features a voice pack from BJ Blazkowicz, the hero from Wolfenstein.

More content is on the way for Rage 2 this year, such as the first expansion named Rise of the Ghosts which launches this September and then you do not have long to wait for the second expansion planned for release in November.

Here is the video for the update!

Are you happy with this update? Are you looking forward to the expansions? What more could they add? Let us know in the comments below.

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