Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Teased

Mass Effect Trilogy Hints
Bioware Hint At Mass Effect Reboot/Remaster. (Credit: Bioware).

Bioware has teased that a Mass Effect Trilogy may be on the way. It remains unclear if the Twitter posts indicate a remastered version is coming, or a remake altogether. The tweet relates to the opening cut scene of the original Mass Effect.

It furthers features the soundtrack and the official box art. Last week Bioware unveiled a teaser on their Twitter, in the post, they quoted Mass Effect 2 with an image of SSV Normandy. A pattern appears to be forming that suggests another teaser will be on the way for Mass Effect 3.

In November, Bioware put questions to the fans on what they wanted for the future of Mass Effect. It appears that a reboot to the critically-acclaimed trilogy is someway off, considering Dragon Age 4 is expected before 2022.

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If a remake is not on the cards, perhaps they could stretch to a remastered trilogy of Mass Effect in the meantime. It would make sense for the developers to plan an overhaul to the series since negatively panned Andromeda.

Bioware and EA subsequently cancelled post-release plans and abandoned the game. What do you think of the tease? Does it mean anything? Let us know in the comments down below.

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