Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Switches it up!

Puns are great I will not hear any different.

Puns are great; I will not hear any different.

MUA3 is coming to Nintendo Switch July of this year across North America and Europe. Game Informer has shared a video that showcases the games opening and some gameplay. Watch the Video and then continue on with the article.

Okay all on the same page now, good. The newest iteration of Ultimate Alliance starts with the guardians of the galaxy for the intro mission that sort of doubles up as a tutorial. It seems the designs of the characters are very MCUesk It seems they have gone with classic fan favourite comic style Gamora. Mission two is on Earth with the Avengers and sort of smashes you in the face with the character roster. While Scarlet Witch’s popularity has increased because of the MCU, they seem to be using the classic comic style for her design for her first Ultimate Alliance appearance.

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While the story is about collecting the Infinity stones before the Black Order (Thanos’ underlings) just like the MCU and the infinity war comic story, it’s an original story so who knows what heartbreak and laughs we are going to have come our way.

There are a few new features and characters added to the game since the last one.
  • Multiplayer, Local & Online: Play 4 player online or 2 players on one console.
  • Dream teams: not totally new but with new characters, the dream teams can be more diverse and new team builds can lead to exciting combos.
  • Over the shoulder perspective: Now, as long as its only one player per screen, you can have a more over the shoulder perspective that allows for users to feel more in control of their characters. The original perspective is also available for the classic fans out there.
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What are you most excited about? Are you planning on picking up a copy in July and if so, who will be in your dream team?

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Source: GameInformer

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