Mario Kart Racing Wheel is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Racing wheel coming to the west soon! (Picture: Hori)

Mario Kart racing wheel coming to the west soon! (Picture: Hori)

Gaming accessory maker Hori is well known for creating gaming peripherals and is releasing a Mario Kart Racing Wheel for the Nintendo Switch.

Hori is offering two different versions, a standard one and a deluxe model. Both come with foot pedals, and are compatible with the Nintendo Switch and PC, with functions from Pro controllers and Joy-Cons being available as standard.

The buttons on the wheels are remappable, as well as adjusting the deadzone and reality adjustment to alter the turning radius of the wheel. Sadly, this only works when the Switch is docked, but an extra USB accessory will apparently make it usable with the new Nintendo Switch Lite. Also the deluxe version, as well as looking snazzy as hell comes with extras such as suction cups.

When this was announced it was for Japan only, but it seems the wheel has been spotted in the West on AmazonUK. However, it only looks like only the standard version is making its way over here which according to AmazonUK is £59.99 and releasing on 3 January 2020, though no doubt that’s just a place holder.

The Deluxe version looks so snazzy! (Picture: Hori)

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