Rumour: Mafia 4 Could Be on the Cards After Hangar 13 Leak Details

Hangar 13 are pulling out all the stops to assure Mafia 4 reaches us by 2021 (Picture: MMORPG)

Straighten up your polka dot ties – Mafia is due to make a striking return in 2021. Apparently.

The crime-riddled mobster franchise is back from the dead and looking fresher than ever according to Hangar 13 sources. With a slip of the tongue from the developer, all the juicy details have been laid out on the table for fans to scrutinize. From gripping gameplay to more enchanting landscapes; Mafia 4 looks to amend all the errors made with its predecessor.

Development on the fourth instalment began straight after the release of the Mafia 3 DLC in 2016. Sadly, however, the project was sidelined in favour of another original IP. And, from there, the torch was handed over to a smaller team in Brighton, UK. After that, the lights went dim, and the quest to redeem Mafia’s failing qualities abruptly disintegrated.

Mafia 4 could be coming very soon (Picture: 2K)

Over the course of several months, the snug team in the UK looked to resurrect the franchise by tweaking the original prototypes made back in 2016. After six months, they saw ambition, profit, and a loophole into giving fans a reason to be hooked again. They found a way to make amends with the franchise and give players a run for their money. So, of course, Hangar 13 have switched lanes and full-throttled the project into development for an optimistic release for 2021.

Sources suggest that Mafia 4 will indeed take place in Las Vegas during the 1970’s golden years of organized crime. You are, however, unlikely to see the faces from the previous titles. Instead, rumours indicate that a new protagonist is on the cards and the story will be bolder than ever.

Bringing back the racket system, Mafia 4 will look to explore the empire-building structure like never before. With new ways to build your mob metropolis, Mafia 4 will give players even more control over their gangster domains with much more in-depth mechanics. Plus, being in Las Vegas, you can fully expect to have a whole monopoly of casinos in the palms of your hands, too. That, as well as some pretty enchanting action sequences in next-gen quality, of course.

We believe the motion capture on Mafia 4 started eight or nine months ago. So, a cheeky reveal for 2020 is becoming more likely by the day it seems. With that, I suppose all we can do is hang fire and prepare to face the music. If the sources are as reliable as we believe, then we can expect a fourth title to hit our next-gen consoles very, very soon.

Oh, and before we let you go, you might be interested to know that Mafia 2 is getting a remaster as well. Yes, that is actually going to happen. And yes – we are all over the moon about it.

What do you think about a fourth instalment headed our way? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and make sure to check out the Daily Gaming Report official YouTube channel, too. And if you do happen to have a question for us, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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