Lucasfilm Games is back!

About time?

Its back, that’s right Disney is bringing back Lucasfilm games and while its not an official announcement, it is fact that they are advertising for a Producer (Lucasfilm Games) on their website. Well that saying the grass is a dark blue with a hint of yellow… grass is green and Lucasfilm Games is coming back. Check out Daily Gaming Reports best Star Wars games and all of them are Lucasfilm games.

We don’t know what this means for EA’s ownership of Star Wars and the future of Jedi: Fallen Order. In all honesty with the success of Respawns Apex: Legends, EA will be happy with them so I’m hoping EA don’t get too involved as they are getting their pay day. With the resurgence of the studio is there a chance that Star Wars: 1313 might be put back into production? Is there a chance for another KOTOR game? Republic Commando 2? What is next who knows but it should be brilliant, if you can not tell I am very excited about this news.

Click here to see the job listing.

So, with all my excitement I should address the elephant in the room. This studio is the same in name but there is a chance that’s where the similarities end. If My prayers are answered they will produce games as fast as they produce marvel movies. (okay maybe not that fast) will Disney be whispering the LG’s ear? Will they let them get on with it or will they be pushing them to produce quantity over quality. Disney will be the money and they are going to want a return on their investment, but how far will they go?

Let us know in the comments below what you think? Optimistic, cautiously realistic or simply pessimistic?

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