Lord Zedd joins Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Roster

The villainous Lord Zedd was added to Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid today as the third and final character included in the game’s Season One Pass.

Lord Zedd was introduced in the second season of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show, and has remained a fan favourite character ever since. Zedd’s move set looks geared to live up to the character’s beloved status, with a host of punishing attacks. These vary from ranged attacks that Zedd delivers by wielding his iconic Z-Staff, to “devastating” close-quarters moves. Lord Zedd will also be able to utilise cannon-fodder Putty Patrollers – known as Putties – to help him in battle.

Lord Zedd’s release completes the first season of characters added to the Power Rangers fighter, following the release of Jenn Scotts and Trey of Triforia before him. While Battle For The Grid received mixed reviews upon its release, nWay’s consistent content additions are sure to keep fans happy.

This Season Pass will run you $15 – a price that has garnered a little criticism for nearly matching the price of the full base game. The $15 price tag may seem steep, but it pales in comparison to its peers – Mortal Kombat X’s Season Pass demanded a wince-inducing $30, although the amount of content offered in that pass does surpass that of Battle For The Grid’s. Regardless, Lord Zedd is also available as an individual, more easy-to-swallow purchase of $5.99.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid also offers a Story DLC which is not included in the Season Pass.

What are your thoughts on Battle for the Grid? Are you looking forward to playing as Lord Zedd? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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