Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server revealed

Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server revealed

As of late, Lord of the Rings Online will be receiving a new server titled “Legendary”. Interestingly, this server will act as a homage to how the game was like when it first came out. However, this server won’t be completely up to date as that’s the point of an older server. Though this will have some updates so it doesn’t run like it was 2007 all over again.

For example, several modern updates will include UI improvements, bug fixes, and changes to the game systems. Not to mention, the maximum level in the Legendary server will be 50 instead of 120 in the modern servers. In addition, players of the game will need a VIP subscription to play on this server.

On top of that, certain classes will be available like the Rune-Keeper of the Warden and the Beorning as an exception which was released after the original release. Yet, Player vs Monster Player won’t be available at first as well as this will be available via the main client instead of an alternative one.

Honestly, since games these days get updates all the time it would be interesting to see more games do this. Comment below on what you think of Lord of the Rings Online going back to its roots. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, a new Hitman 2 trailer has been released.

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