Lockhart CPU speed is supposedly the same as Xbox Series X

Lockhart CPU speed the same as Xbox Series X (Picture: Xbox)

Is Lockhart CPU speed the same as Xbox Series X?!

Lockhart CPU speed the same as Xbox Series X (Picture: Xbox)

A new report suggests that Microsoft’s low budget next-generation Xbox Lockhart CPU speed will be the same as the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft released Xbox Series X last year, it also announced that another series will be released alongside the XSX. This series will be known as Xbox Lockhart, it will be half the price of its sister. it’s also said that it will less powerful and will lack a physical media drive, but it seems that some of what has been said may be false.

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Back on Friday, Tom Warren (The Verge) reported that the Lockhart CPU speed is the same as  Xbox Series X, he also added that the Xbox Lockhart will have 7.5 GB of usable RAM, a slightly underclocked CPU, and a 4 TFLOPs GPU.

“I’ve been reporting on Xbox Lockhart having a slightly underclocked CPU, but I now believe it’s the same speed as Series X. Just different GPU frequencies and CU counts.”

As for the price, the Xbox Lockhart was specially designed for gamers who are searching for a cheaper next-gen console. Lockhart is expected to be priced around $299 to $399.

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