Loch Ness Monster Appears in Apex Legends

The battle royale genre is one that’s familiar with wackiness and zaniness of all kinds, and it certainly appears that Respawn’s Apex Legends will continue that trend.

The Loch Ness Monster, commonly referred to as “Nessy,” has made appearances in Titanfall games in the past. At least, Nessy toys have made appearances in the previous Titanfall titles. So it wasn’t a total shock when players started discovering more of these toys scattered throughout Apex Legends’ map. Shooting one of these toys (a natural reaction, of course) causes the message “A Nessy Appears…” to pop up in the killfeed. Clearly, there’s more to this situation than meets the eye.

Well, thanks to the hard work of some diligent redditors over at the subreddit /r/nessysecrets, players have finally discovered an event that triggers only after all of the Nessy dolls are shot in the right order. Surprise! An actual (borderline-NSFW) Loch Ness Monster appears outside of the game’s map.

YouTuber Miguel Lozada posted a video that shares how to trigger this special event, which you can check out below.

per MIguel Lozada

Are you all playing Apex Legends? If so, are you going to check out this cool new easter egg? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, for all things Apex Legends, stick with us at Daily Gaming Report!

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