Leon’s backstory revealed for Resident Evil 2

Recently, Capcom has revealed the new backstory for Leon in the upcoming remake to Resident Evil 2. In fact, they change it completely and make it more dry than before.

Additionally, the Tweet translates to the following:

“New officer Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to Raccoon City. Before going on duty, Kennedy was at home on standby, waiting for his orders. After no one contacted him and feeling something was off, Kennedy headed to the station. Days later, after arriving in Raccoon City, his life changed.”

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Yet, this seems odd as the original backstory to Leon was more realistic and better. Originally, Leon had just broke up with girlfriend and was late to his first day as a police officer. Not to mention, the drunken struggle he went through involving him to spend the night in Racoon City. 

Strangely, this well liked by players while it was never mentioned in the game itself. However, I’m sure Capcom is doing something with Leon to give him a more clean cut image.

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