Leaked photos suggest VR headset from Valve

Leaked photos suggest VR headset from Valve

Recently, photos had surfaced on Imgur of a VR headset being developed. In fact, the headset is being developed by Valve themselves. Additionally, the evidence behind this is the Valve logo printed on the circuit boards

Interestingly, if you view the Desktop’s date in the corner of the image above you can see that this takes place in July of this year. In addition, if you view the headsets closely you can see built-in headsets and Steam VR sensors. Not to mention, from a glance with its two cameras that the field of view will be larger for this.

Additionally, Uploadvr commented that the padding on the headset looks familiar to Valve’s prototype Knuckles controllers. Not to mention, Uploadvr’s sources have confirmed that “these are in fact prototypes for an upcoming Valve HMD” as Valve has yet to confirm it themselves.

Yet, Valve has confirmed that VR games are in development with their partners HTC” Vive and Vive Pro. In fact, Uploadvr’s sources also confirm a Half-Life VR title as well which is very interesting. However, all of this is yet to be confirmed by Valve so we’ll have to what and see.

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