Leaked Images of PlayStation 5 Controller

PlayStation 5 dev kit
The goofy PS5 dev kit. If the Reddit post is correct then we are getting something less bizarre. (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

A leak of the PlayStation 5 controller popped up on Reddit yesterday (Jan. 5) of a Facebook post that got screenshotted. The image shows the controller, which could easily get mistaken for a PS4 controller, along with the PS5 dev kit. The person who took the original picture claims to be a cleaner at a studio starting with “U,” possibly Ubisoft, wiping down the console.

Not sure it’s the right place,” wrote the mystery cleaner. “But… My first cleaning of 1 of PS5s. Yes, my job is a cleaner occasionally at U.

A facebook picture of the alleged PlayStation 5 controller

“Please do not share this”, as everyone spams the share button! (Picture: Reddit)

The controller itself looks almost identical to the DualShock with a slightly different touchpad. A patent last year shows that the controller will have bigger triggers and will toss out the lightbar with smaller sticks. Those features cannot be seen in the images. The sticks appear the same, but it is difficult to compare the sizes.

Anything a developer receives will most likely be different from consumers, especially when the device is not out yet. By time E3 rolls around or possibly sooner (if Sony decides,) we will get an official look at the PS5 and its controller.

The PS5 will launch sometime the holidays of this year, roundabout the same time as the Xbox Series X.

What do you think about the Reddit post? Is this what we will be getting, or do you expect more when an official reveal comes along? Let us know in the comments.

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