Leak: GTA 6 to Re-visit Vice City in Next-Gen, Narcos-esque Feature

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is a title that has been long awaited. Its predecessor was released nearly 6 years ago now (I know, it’s scary!) And it is still going strong with GTA online (as well as main story re-play value). A lot of us have been hoping and hanging on for GTA 6 news for a while now, and up until this point there has not been anything particularly concrete. However, thanks to Reddit user ‘JackOLantern1982’ we seemingly now have a comprehensive list of what will be included in the next Rockstar AAA title. These have also been backed up by user ‘gfk53’.

There have been other leaks as well from ‘Fireden‘ speculating different features which are worth noting. However, it is important to bear in mind that this article will cover the more detailed leaks found on Reddit.

Also; although detailed this is still all unconfirmed information, so please take it with a pinch of salt.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting:

GTA 5 utilised the mechanics of character switching, and it was a big hit. In previous instalments there was only one protagonist, but we were introduced to Michael, Trevor & Franklin in 2013; which was a fresh, new feature for the series. As a side note, I also found this very enjoyable as it gave the game variety! According to the leak, the character system will supposedly be reverting back to a singular focus. What will change is the time period. Sources state that the game will shift throughout the 1970s and ’80s, instead of just focusing on one particular year.

As you may have picked up in the title (thanks for reading, you’re great), the game is to go back and visit Vice City again. This is because of the ‘job’ relations between VC and a new fictional city. A young Martin Madrazo is rumoured to be in the mix as well, which will be an interesting reference harking back to GTA 5. Considering that we will be in Vice City in the 1980s, I also wonder if there might possibly be a Tommy Vercetti crossover at some point?

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The other city will be a representation of Rio de Janiero, Brazil (game name TBC). This will be a first for the series, as it has always been set in America, but with fictional places replacing the names of real-world locations. The game currently has the codename PROJECT AMERICAS, which would reinforce the idea that it will venture outside The United States.

The Concept:

The game takes on Vice City Stories’ previous empire building system, but on a much bigger scale. The narrative focal point this time will be working your way up the ranks of a drug cartel, rather than doing heists. It will apparently begin by running cocaine shipments between Vice City and Rio. With the progression of let’s say, more managerial roles later on… Oh, and you’ll be named Ricardo, good ol’ Ricardo.

Gang warfare will make a re-appearance, with you completing some hit jobs for the aforementioned Martin Madrazo. In conjuction with the South American scene, it will also depict a fictional version of Fidel Castro. This means that it will address cultural issues from that era such as the immigration crisis and the rise of certain STDs.

With it being set in a Latin country you best bet that there’ll be some Spanish being spoken. Who is ready to play the game of what can I understand from High School, and when do I need subtitles? The good news is that there will obviously be subtitles for the sections where you are in Latin America, and also for some Vice City segments. Get ready to read quite a bit though as there are reportedly a lot of subtitles sequences in the game. But we’ve got used to that after watching so many Tarantino films, right?

Speaking of Tarantino, this instalment will incorporate the use of chapters much like his films. For those of you who have played Red Dead Redemption 2 this was also the case, so this will not be a new concept from Rockstar. It will however be the first time they use it in a Grand Theft Auto title.

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Other Considerable Points:

For this section I will be a bit more concise and pretty much just bullet point the information.

  • There is a character called Kasey in the story. He seems to be integral to the plot, and may possibly be your partner/accomplice.
  • Much like in Red Dead Redemption 2, weapons will be limited to what is able to be carried on your person. No magic pockets! Instead the rest of your arsenal will be kept in the boot of your car (or trunk if you’re American).
  • Cars will change and age through the eras, meaning that when trying to purchase a rare 1970s car in the 1980s it will be more expensive. Exercising that real economy feel!
  • Who doesn’t love weather dynamics in games? Apparently there will be more varied weather patterns, with the inclusion of hurricanes and floods. Watch that your drugs don’t get washed away.
  • The title will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett, so next-gen only. The idea was started in 2012 but didn’t properly start production until 2015.
  • Currently no ETA or release date (although the Fireden post suggests a 2022/2023 launch).
  • A big prison will be featured, which will supposedly be quite integral to the storyline. Not yet been confirmed as to whether the protagonist is released from there, or if it is just mission related.
  • The game is in pre-alpha, so names and other details are subject to change.

So, for now that is all she wrote! Or all that JackOLantern1982 wrote anyway. What do you think of this potential plot for the new GTA game? Please let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to visit our social media and Youtube channel for the latest news and rumours!

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