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Leaked Fortnite Map Changes Coming With Patch V4.5.0

Fortnite Map Changes

IGN’s Fortnite Map has recently been updated but for those of you with a keen eye, it features some differences which can’t be seen in the game as of yet. We expect these changes to come with the next Fortnite Update which is set to release tomorrow, June 26th.

So let’s go over some of these changes.

Dusty Divot

As you can see from the image the change isn’t big but more trees have been added to the crater.

Tilted Towers

At the start of season 4, one of the building was struck by a meteor completely destroying the building but as you can see from the image below a new building has been built to replace it.

Villain’s Lair

Now, this is possibly the biggest change which has happened to the map, where the Villains Lair is near Snobby Shores, the rocket/missile which was located here before is no longer visible. Which could mean it has possibly been launched.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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