Leak: We could see two Nintendo Directs in the next month

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Leak: We could see two Nintendo Directs in the next month

Nintendo Directs are a rare treat and we’re only lucky enough to get a handful a year. A new leak from Zippo backed up by well-regarded leaker Sabi suggests we may just get two in the next month. This is exciting news as Nintendo don’t do Directs that often and could suggest some big information they just can’t wait to share so keep your eyes peeled.

Zippo leaking two Nintendo Directs

Leak: We could see two Nintendo Directs in the next month

20th February

In this post, it was stated that this direct would be focusing on the adorable social sim Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This makes sense given it’s just over a month out.  We do already seem to have a lot of information on this game and seem to understand the core concepts. Saying this Super Smash Bros did get around three directs and definitely aren’t done there. If Smash Bros can get this many, Animal Crossing deserves one.

2nd Direct

This naturally moves one onto the next direct and what they could announce. Nothing in this possible direct has been confirmed but Animal Crossing getting its own means this will have one less game taking up space. One can certainly guarantee talk of Platinum Games. Not only have they had a close connection with Nintendo in the past through multiple exclusives but The Wonderful 101 just got funded for a remaster on Kickstarter. This would be the perfect time to talk about it and would give Platinum Games a chance to show the Kickstarter to more viewers. Furthermore, this is a good chance for an information dump for Nintendo in 2020. Hopefully, we’ll see a few nindies too, they’re always a favorite.

What would you like to see Nintendo announce? Are you looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know in the comments.

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