LEAK: Rainbow Six Year 5 Pass to Only Have 6 Operators

R6 Year 5 will have 2 fewer operators getting released leak reveals (Picture: Ubisoft)

We’re nearing the end of year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege. With the Invitational right around the corner fans are looking forward to see what is in store for year 5. Year 5 will be slightly different to year 4 however as the number of operators being released reduces from eight to six.

Reddit user u/IgnotusArtifex shared on the R6 subreddit a screenshot of the year 5 pass. In the description of the pass everything looks the same as it was to the previous year. There is one change though as the number of operators is down to six instead of the usual eight. This has lead an outrage from some in the R6 community but there must be a reason as to why Ubisoft are only releasing six instead of eight. Some are speculating that there could be another Operation Health coming this year. This could explain why there are fewer operators this year. The speculations also talk about possible reworks for older operators such as Castle, Blackbeard and the lord himself Tachanka.

YEAR 5 Season Pass CONFIRMED from Rainbow6

The major thing to notice that Ubisoft have not put a price on the year 5 pass. Which means because of the number of operators being reduced Ubisoft could reduce the price for the pass down from the usual £25.99. The VIP membership in the year pass will also run till 31st January 2021. This is the same final date as the year 4 pass so it is showing more consistency in duration.

What do think of the number of operators being released? Do you want another Operation Health? Do you think Castle, Blackbeard and Tachanka need a rework? Let us know in the comments below.

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