Leak: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Specs Reveal

PS5 and XSX Spec Leak
Could this leak be accurate? (Picture: Sony/Microsoft)

A new leak supposedly reveals the full specs of the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Speculation has been running rampant since the reveal of the XSX at The Game Awards this past December. Many have thought that Sony will reveal the new console in February as they did in the past. But save an official PlayStation 5 website going live this month, no information has been presented from the Japanese tech conglomerate.

The leak comes from an anonymous 4chan user who claims to work with a third party studio testing the devkits for both consoles. The user also claims to have a friend who works within Sony’s Worldwide Studios and that devkit 3 is coming soon with new “tweaks” on the current iteration of devkit 2.

XSX and PS5

Credit: Let’s Go Digital/Microsoft

The leaked specs are as follows:

PlayStation 5:

  • 12.6Tflops RDNA 1.5
  • AMD ZEN 2 @3.6Ghz
  • 18GB GDDR6+4GB DDR4
  • [email protected]/S 500GB
  • Dedicated cores for RT and 3D Audio
  • Bandwidth 576GB/S
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Xbox Series X:

Falling in line with previous leaks about the slight raw power advantage of the XSX, there are other notable things to talk about in this leak. First is the 500GB SSD for the PS5. One of the biggest problems for this generation’s consoles is the absurdly large file spaces required for games (LOOKING AT YOU MODERN WARFARE). Unless a new form of Bluray disk is ready to go at launch, expect games to have even larger file sizes with the next generation. Another intriguing piece is the dedicated cores that the PS5 will have for 3D audio.

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3D audio, if you don’t know, is a technique that places an origin for a sound within a virtual space. Just imagine if Phil in Kingdom Hearts 2 repeatedly said “Get up on the Hydra’s back!” right into your left ear. Nevertheless, if true, the PS5 could potentially pave the way for Sony exclusives to have incredible sound designs.

Until we have an official reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, we have no choice but to take each of these leaks or rumors with a grain of salt. However, if you are excited about the potential new consoles specs, let us know in the comments below. You can also follow us on our YouTube channel as well.

Source: Tom’s Guide



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