Leak: New Call Of Duty Battle Royale Will Have Mechanic To Deal With Campers

Cover art for Modern Warfare
Leak: New Call Of Duty Battle Royale will have a unique way of dealing with campers

Do you hate camping in Battle Royale games? Well, we have the news for you. Battle royale was a very successful mode brought into Black Ops 4 in lieu of a campaign mode. Whilst this was a big success, Modern Warfare seems to have promised both. Here at Daily Gaming Report, we have a new leak given directly to us about Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

Way back before its release, the battle royale mode was leaked and was made in collaboration with Raven Software. Then, data miners found this map. This cemented this leak and showed they were indeed working on a battle royale. Fortunately, the leaks aren’t done. Only recently, a new leak revealed a battle royale loading screen. This hints at a possible release in time for the next content update on the 11th February.

The map found for Modern Warfare Battle royale

Leak: New Call Of Duty Battle Royale will have a unique way of dealing with campers

Our leak

In this, it was revealed that they had ideas for dealing with camping. We have not been made aware of the specifics, but that doesn’t mean we can’t theorize what they could be working on. One idea could be similar to the way they’ve dealt with nerfing ghost in the past. With this, they made it so that you only appear on the map when a UAV is active if you are stationary at the time of the ping. This could significantly reduce camping in Modern Warfare battle royale, especially considering the game itself is littered with the camp/Claymore combo. This may also be worrying as one could argue that holding down a choke-point or vantage area is part of the fabric of the game itself. They have been very vocal to the community about what works, and what doesn’t so we have faith that even if it has issues, they will fix them with time

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What do you think should be done about camping? Are you excited for battle royale? Let us know in the comments

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