Leak: Marvels Spider-Man 2 To Drop In 2021?

Spider-Man swinging into a logo
The cover to Spider-Man PS4 (Picture: Insomniac)

Insomniac’s Spider-Man was one of the best things about 2018. An amazing Spider-Man game (pun intended) finally it only took them 10 years to figure it out. If you enjoyed Spider-Man as much as we did you will love this leak on Reddit about Spider-Man 2. Remember to take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

The most important part of this leak is probably the fact that it gives us a release date for the game. It is said that the game will come out the holiday of 2021 with a reveal later this year. There are currently no specifics on the reveal as Sony are doing things differently this year. The next thing the leak goes on to talk about is the map, and good news, it’s bigger. The map is based on the last one with most of the districts the same with the added districts of Queens and Brooklyn. The birthplaces of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

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The game’s story seems to be left under lock and key. All the leak had to say about the story is that a portion of the game takes place during the winter and Oscorp is involved. The leak does briefly mention cloning which leaves me to believe that Ben Reilly might make an appearance. Ben Reilly is a clone of Spider-Man for those of you who are unaware. The story will also hint towards a wider Marvel video game universe.

Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery is also being expanded with this next game with villains like; Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Mysterio, the lizard, Cardiac and a few more. If you remember in the ending of the last game Miles got his spider powers. This is going to be an essential part of the story. Just like the first game, Miles will have his sections, but he will play a little differently to Peter Parker. Miles will have different a different fighting style and all-new powers.

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Making more of a move to gameplay the randomised crime system is getting a reboot. The system is compared to Diablos dungeon mechanic, in Spider-Man different types of crimes will happen in different situations. This causes you as the player to decide what is more appropriate stealth or action.

It is clear to see that Insomniac is getting ambitious with this game which is an excellent thing and we are very excited here at DGR. So, tell us what you think about the Spider-Man 2 leak in the comments below and as always subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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