Lead Writer of Overwatch Leaves Blizzard

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As of this week, Micheal Chu, the lead writer of Overwatch, parts ways with Blizzard Entertainment.

As a goodbye note, he left a blog post detailing his 20 long years he spent as a team member of Blizzard.

The blog post was more of a self-reflection and an endeavor for him as a member to show “that a game could show the power of diversity and that one kiss could change the world if only a little.”

For a franchise primarily focused on team battling PVP, the PVE and story aspect was not its largest selling point. But Overwatch has a lot of story elements sprinkled all around for those interested.

For any big Overwatch fans who loved being drunk on lore, this may change how the story progresses. Micheal Chu oversaw all the narrative aspects so depending on who takes his spot, the story may see a shift.

The Overwatch website has many of the short stories and videos that can be viewed thanks to Chu’s efforts.

We still do not know what kind of impact he had for Overwatch 2. Whether he contributed or left before development.

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