LCK Spring Split suspended due to Coronavirus

LCK, League of Legions Event
The LCK has been the premier league for LoL over the years, now we may not get to see it this year (Picture: Riot Games)

The LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) has become the most recent region to suspend play due to the virus. The Coronavirus has spread rapidly across the world and most notably in Asia. The virus has already caused the LPL to suspend play in China.

The LCK has often been regarded as the best league in the world. However, games have been suspended indefinitely according to recent reports. Riot has made this decision to help protect fans and pros alike from possibly being exposed to the virus. With over 5,000 cases reported in South Korea, it is clear that Riot is doing all they can to reduce the possibility of members of their community catching the virus.

The virus has already affected the Overwatch League as Seoul Dynasty have already cancelled plenty of their games. China was the first region to suspend their league, and their OWL teams have suspended their games due to the virus. With South Korea now at a level three health warning it is a no brainer for Riot to suspend the LCK.

There are four nations currently with level three health warnings; China, South Korea, Iran and Italy. China and Korea have already started to fight the virus and prevent players and fans in their esports scene from being exposed. It might be a matter of time until the virus spreads through Europe from Italy, which could lead to more suspended leagues. This time in Europe.

What do you think of these leagues suspending? Do you think leagues like the LEC need to look at potentially suspending their leagues? Let us know in the comments below.

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