Konami Leak: Silent Hill Remaster, A Metal Gear Solid Remake And More

Leaks for Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid from Konami
Konami Leak: A Metal Gear Solid Remake And More

As per usual, we have just recently learned some great news from over on gaming leaks and rumours. In this, user vginfo13 goes on to explain that they’ve been working in the videogames industry for some time. Therefore have managed to acquire some solid information on the current state of Konami. There’s some exciting news here, including updates on Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid, and of course, Castlevania.


In this, the user elaborated that a new Castlevania has been in the works for “2-3 years” The idea was initially pitched to Konami sometime after the anime release and received the green light due to the fan reaction. It will be open-world in some capacity and feature skill trees and upgrade systems for armor/ weapons, perhaps hinting at something RPG like in nature. Trevor, Sypha, Alucard, and Grant are playable, and it will have a “squad system” similar to Final Fantasy XV. Dracula is also playable but in a much more linear fashion.

Leaks for Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid from Konami

Konami Leak: A Metal Gear Solid Remake And More

Silent Hills:

There isn’t a considerable amount of information on this one. There was going to be a remaster of the original, but Konami settled on a remake instead. A new Silent Hills is also in development and will have a style similar to shattered memories. Shattered Memories itself was a soft reboot of the original Silent Hill featuring the same story.

Leaks for Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid from Konami

Konami Leak: A Metal Gear Solid Remake And More

Metal Gear Solid:

The user hadn’t heard anything in a year. However, they did know there was a studio working on a remake prototype. They also had plans to remaster Metal Gear Solid 4 for current-gen consoles and PC. Now speculate it could be coming to next-gen instead, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. They were also in talks with Platinum games to make another game similar to the fantastic Metal Gear Rising, but they declined.

Konami Leak: A Metal Gear Solid Remake And More

There are so many changes over at Konami, but one thing is certain, PES won’t change

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