Kojima’s Death Stranding not listed as a PS4 Exclusive

The PlayStation 4 game, Death Stranding logo
Here is DGR Death Stranding Review (Picture: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is no longer a PS4 exclusive it seems as fans have noticed the title is not listed with the PS4 exclusives on many Sony sites. The de-listing of the game appears to be worldwide; this includes the, UK, US, France, and Germany.

So what does this entail?

Well, since Death Stranding has been in development (for three years) the baffling, puzzling title has been exclusive to Sony. It is strange as you would have thought Sony wouldn’t want to let go of the legendary developer at any cost. The moment we saw the PS4 logo on the trailer, we all knew that maybe some of us would never be able to play this illustrious title. But alas, things may have changed, and our dreams might come into fruition.

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Naturally, speculation for a PC announcement inaugurated the second Death Stranding got de-listed from Sony sites. Furthermore, with Gamescom being only a few weeks away and with Death Strandings Hideo Kojima in attendance. Aforementioned is confirmed by Geoff Leighley, who is hosting an Opening Night Live a day before Gamescom starts. Who knows what we will hear, but a plethora of other people and I are hoping for a PC release.

Howbeit, Sony and Kojima’s relationship have always been on Death Stranding, with Sony, of course, offering financial and technical help. But, if Kojima does announce the PC/Xbox One version at Gamescom, you would have thought that it would be after the PS4 release.

Gamescom beings on August 20th to August 24th, on Cologne, Germany.

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What games are you looking forward to seeing more of at Gamescom? Let us know in the comments section below… Personally, I am waiting to hear more about Elden ring, it has been confirmed that ‘From Software’ will be attending.

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