Kojima Plans To Produce Smaller Episodic Games

Kojima Plans For Smaller Games
Kojima Plan To Produce Smaller Episodic Games. (Credit: Kojima).

Recently, Famitsu interviewed Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. In the interview it was mentioned that Kojima Productions plans to produce smaller, episodic games in the future. However, the developers still intend to create large scale games such as Death Stranding.

So, what did they discuss? The interview was primarily a reflection of their past work. However, there was talk about the future, and of what we can expect from the developers. Kojima has plans to experiment with streaming services and hopes to produce movies on top of video games.

The duo was also interested in the idea of creating manga. There’ve been thoughts on a mecha-centric world, as inspired by Death Stranding’s Sam Porter Bridges. This has led to the suggestion of a potential anime, but this would be a huge project to undertake if it became real.

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For now, the studio is focusing on its latest video game projects. One is a “big” game, with the duo’s intentions to produce weirder games than Death Stranding. The idea of creating smaller episodic games has not been 100% confirmed yet, as it depends on the workload ahead for the developers. However, everything is to play for. The creation of smaller, episodic games may benefit the vast open world of Death Stranding and other games like it.

Head on over to this link for Daily Gaming Report’s Death Stranding Review. Death Stranding is available on PS4 and is now on the way to PC later in 2020. Released last year, it stars Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux and Mads Mikkelsen. Eurogamer described it as “a baffling, haunting, grand folly”. 

Interestingly Speaking to Vulture back in December in regards to Death Stranding 2, Kojima said he ‘would start from zero’. Thanks for reading, let us know what you’d like to see from Kojima in the comments section below and, in the meantime be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

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