KFC official Chicken Champ Fortnite skin concept


KFC official Chicken Champ Fortnite skin concept

The official KFC Gaming Twitter account is teasing a Fortnite Skin concept, Now the Fortnite community is used to skin concepts as a lot of fans create Fortnite skin concepts and some even end up in the game. The most recent being the Tender Defender Skin.

Now with how big Fortnite is, we can clealry see that companies want to use it as an means off advertising, we have seen this with the likes off Nvidia running a promotion which ave players a Fortnite skin if they brought selected Nvidia Graphics Cards.

Now this KFC skin has by no means been confirmed that it is actually coming to the game. However, it is very possible that we could see this skin be brought to life by Epic Games. Here is the official KFC Gaming Twitter Post:

Now as we can see from the Tweet above the skin concept overall is pretty simple it takes the same look as the Wild Card skin from the Heist LTM, however with a KFC bucket on its head. As well as the Skin we also get the see the Harvesting Tool, which appears to just be a KFC Bucket called Bucket Basher.

Now no price is given for the skin, however, the pickaxe would cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

What do you think of this skin? would you like to see it come to the game? Also what do you think of companies using Fortnite as a means of advertisement? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media.

In other news, Activision Blizzard terminates its CFO.


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