Just Cause 4’s gameplay mechanics revealed

Just Cause 4’s unique gameplay mechanics revealed

Gamescom’s presentation of Just Cause 4 earlier surfaced recently showing over twenty minutes of footage of the game. One new feature that was shown was the game’s grappling hook mechanic.

Francesco Antolini, the game’s director elaborated on Just Cause 4’s new features:

“It’s a game [that’s] built on a conundrum of systems that work at the same time. So very often the unexpected happens. This means that, however you’re playing, if you compare your loadout to the loadout of a friend after some hours that you’re playing, you’re probably going to find that they are different, that they have discovered something that you haven’t or that she does something different than what you do and so on,” Antolini explained. “It’s really a tool that has endless possibilities in creative terms.”

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According to Antolini, the grappling hook feature will have a vast customization catalog including mods as well. Antolini has said it will have  “more than 4 million combinations” which seems more than enough in this case.

At EGX we also managed to get hear more information about the game, Just Cause 4 will be the biggest in terms of map size and storytelling, not only this but it will have extreme weather conditions that can come at random and will either how you play the game, so if you are struggling with a mission maybe you can use the weather to your advantage.

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Comment on what you think of the new grappling hook. Just Cause 4 comes out on December 4th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below is Gamescom’s presentation of Just Cause 4. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, details on Red Dead Redemption 2’s gun customization feature have been revealed.

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