Jack Black creates YouTube channel ‘Jablinski Games’

Brutal Legend Jack Black

YouTube channel ‘Jablinski Games’ begins by calling out ‘Ninja’ and ‘Pewdiepie’

In a recent turn of events, Jack Black has created a YouTube channel and the channel will apparently consist of games, food and life. In the announcement video for the channel, (shown below) Jack Black calls out YouTube’s biggest stars, Pewdiepie and Ninja.

Santa of Rock and Roll. JB’s Youtube Channel Announcement Video keeps on giving!

Pewdiepie has responded to the video with the simple comment ‘delete this’… But, with 5.4 million views (and 1.7 million subscribers) and counting in just over a week it doesn’t look like JB is going anywhere.

Jack Black’s YouTube channel can be found here. Who wouldn’t want to see more of this face?

Be sure to leave a comment below, let us know what you think of Jack’s first actual video (when it’s uploaded). In other recent news From Software has confirmed 2 unannounced games in the making. Check this out below!

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