Is Crypto the next character in Apex Legends?

Tina Sanchez, a developer for the game Apex Legends (Developed by Respawn Studio and distributed by EA.) recently posted a images of a Respawn Motion Capture session. In the picture she was wearing a motion capture suit and was carrying a cane while writing “working on Apex Legends stuff.”While this seemingly innocent tweet did not let on too much, she went silent when a fan asked if it was Crypto.

All Tina responded with was a mouthless emoji.

Crypto (presumed to be a hacking specialist) is one of the names for possible future ‘Legends’ that was data-mined a few months ago. He was rumored to be the next Character to appear in game when his laptop was discovered in King’s Canyon before the start of Season 2: Battle Charge shown below.

Crypto’s abilities have been rumored to be Team or map manipulation oriented. With some expressing opinions as to having things like creating sound distractions as a feature. Respawn however has been focusing on Wattson and the Season 2 battle pass. This means that Crypto being introduced into the game may not happen for some time.

While I’m all for what appears to be new characters in a solid game I do worry how EA will screw this up. We have seen plenty of instances in the past of their egregious monitization practices in games such as Star wars: Battlefront 2’s lootboxes, Fifa’s card packs, etc.

My biggest hope is that they do not focus too much on monitization and instead focus on solid game play with this title. However, one can only guess if they will focus on the monitization aspects of Apex, rather than fun or functionality.

However the dice may fall, we will be sure to be here to update you on all the latest Apex Legends news. Till next time, stay frosty bros.

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