Is Cloud Gaming A Viable Option In 2018

So here at Daily Gaming Report, we wanted to see if cloud gaming was a viable option in 2018.

The company we went with is called Shadow, we went with this company because we had heard really positive reviews. So let’s first talk about why would you choose cloud gaming over just buying a PC/Laptop.

So the reason why you might consider cloud gaming as an option rather than buying a Pc/Laptop is due to the fact that, you can access the cloud gaming anywhere you go as long as you have a laptop or pc and WIFI. It turns your old laptop/Pc into a powerful gaming rig.

Whats another reason you would choose cloud gaming, well its the price as a lot of people cant afford to splash out £1000s on a gaming Pc/laptop and maybe they don’t even understand where to begin as there are so many parts out there nowadays. So cloud gaming makes it much easier to buy offering a beast of a system with specs as follows GTX 1080, Intel Xeon and 12Gb of memory all for the price of £26.95 and you can cancel at any time.

But is it a viable option? from what we have experienced we would have to say NO. So the reason we are saying no is that we just had no luck what so ever setting it up. So let’s talk about the whole process and everything that happened after we signed up.

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So we signed up for the Shadow gaming and our shadow took approximately 2 days to set up which was pretty fast considering it says it could take up to 5 days, So as soon as it was set up with instantly logged in only to be treated with issues straight away. the screen was super blurry and you couldn’t play a game what so ever without input lag, as well as the whole game being so blurry you couldn’t see what was in front of you.

So we contacted support and I must say this is where shadow really shines as the support team where fantastic and have been the entire time, getting back to me within a matter of an hour most the time. So we told them the issues and they said it could be the bandwidth so we changed it from auto to 50Mbs which improved it a lot.

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But we were still having issues, the blurriness had gone kind of it wasn’t as bad as it was before but it was still there, the input lag had gone but now our FPS had dropped a lot going from 80FPS in Elder Scrolls Online to 20 FPS and we also had the mouse cursor in the center of the screen when gaming and it didn’t matter what game we played.

We contacted support again, who gave us a list of things to try to fix the issues, however, we had no luck, we even tried it on different computers in case it was my computer causing these issues but we still had the same issues.

So due to this we just don’t believe it is a viable option as of yet but we will be following Shadow closely to see when they make improvements and maybe we will try it again.

Now please do remember this was just our experience and I do know people who use Shadow and have no issues what so ever. So you will have to try it your self and let us know how you get on.

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Owner of Daily Gaming Report, I founded Daily Gaming Report because I love gaming, have ever since I was about 5. It is my aim to make sure my website keeps you up to date with the latest news.

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