Is An Outer Worlds Sequel Already Planned? Microsoft Have High Hopes For a Franchise

The upcoming title “The Outer Worlds” has not even been released, and yet Microsoft hold it in high esteem. In such high esteem in fact, that they have already expressed wanting to make it into “an enduring franchise”.

The game which is coming October 25th of this year (save the date) is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Naturally, from previous projects we know that they are great at making games. Fallout: New Vegas is a great example of this. In-between Bethesda’s fantastic Fallout 3 & 4 comes New Vegas, which was developed by Obsidian in 2010. Whilst playing you would be none the wiser that it was not a Bethesda title. In fact, in many cases, it became people’s favourite Fallout instalment (myself included). It is because of this that we can see how Microsoft is putting a lot of faith in The Outer Worlds.

Back in 2018, Microsoft Studios added Obsidian to their roster after acquiring them (hence the talks of a long-term series). This is not the first instance of the studio buying other development companies, as they are also associated with Rare, Playground Games & Ninja Theory along with 12 others! Matt Booty who is the head of Microsoft Studios recently attended an interview with the news site Game Informer. During the interview, he was asked if a sequel was a future possibility. He responded:

“From what we’ve seen of the Outer Worlds, my hope is that that’s something we can build and that it really becomes an enduring franchise and it really starts to grow and we can help expand that.”


Whether or not The Outer Worlds has future instalments will, of course, depend upon how it fairs come the October release date. However, it is evident that Microsoft are currently intending for there to be a sequel, if not multiple other Outer Worlds games. The upcoming title will also be released on all major current-gen platforms. However, in the same interview Booty explained how any sequels may become Xbox exclusives! He stated that it is dependant on if it is beneficial for the game to purely be a Microsoft project with in-house resources. An additional factor is also if it even suits the game to be an exclusive. Some games, after all, are better off being open to all platforms. Presently, Booty believes that due to the nature of the game with its open-world mechanics, and large universe that he can envision it becoming an Xbox franchise and exclusive.

So that is all for now folks! If you have not yet seen the trailer for The Outer Worlds, feel free to watch it below. It is a game that is definitely on my purchase list. Let us know in the comments if you are also excited for this fresh feature! In the meantime, make sure to head over to our Twitter and Youtube for more content and the latest news.

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