IPhone X’s New “Unleash” Advert shows Improved Mobile Gaming

Apple has just released a brand new advertisement to help promote their IPhone X’s improved gaming performance.


Apple has announced the device has been implemented with a new A11 Bionic chip. In this advert, the company shows its new processing power by also promoting the new multiplayer mobile game, Vainglory.


The new A11 Bionic chip contains a 2.4 GHz chip which enables the functioning of two performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, making them 70% faster than the previous A10 chip. According to Apple, this is also apparently powerful enough for games of console quality, as well as the application of Augmented Reality features. The A11 Bionic Chip is also compatible with not only the IPhone X, but the IPhone 8 and IPhone 8 plus. The chip was developed back in September 12th, 2017. It is thanks to Apple developing there own GPU which gave them the tools they needed to create a stronger processing chip.


The advert itself, named “Unleash”, is an action-packed, CGI-filled sequence. It shows a guy playing the game, “Vainglory”, on the IPhone X. When suddenly, magical creatures appear to fight him as the city turns into a vibrant fantasy setting. The young man fights his way through an army of goblins with well choreographed martial arts and flashy superpowers. It also shows him just casually, and quickly, responding to messages and checking his updates. This highlights how fast and convenient the phone’s performance is while playing games, as well as showing off a rather big budget fight sequence in the process.


From what we see in the advert, the graphics of the game play that’s shown promises high-quality and sufficient frame rate. Whether the real thing lives up to the potential and speed of this adrenaline fueled advert, will be seen shortly.

You can watch the advert for yourself right here. If you found it fun to watch or it may have convinced you to buy an IPhone X yourself, comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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