If You Miss EA’s Skate, Session Might Be for You

Session will be in early access this month

Skate was a revolutionary game in terms of portraying skateboarding. Yes, the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater features will sit firmly in our hearts for all time (actually for me its TH Underground that is nostaglic, but I digress). The likes of Pro Skater and Underground allowed you to do mad skill chains and jump over helicopters in Hawaii, which was definitely fun but Skate presented something new. It incorporated more realistic controller mechanics and better physics. The act of using the joysticks to control the board made it feel more in tune with skateboarding than ever, and it had people hooked!

Unfortunately, we have not had a new Skate game for nearly 10 years now. Which is way too long to wait for a current-gen fix! Recently I began re-playing through my PS3 catalogue of Skate games, and felt the sadness upon realising that EA seems to have given up on the extreme sports genre altogether for now. Including SSX, which I’m still heartbroken about! So, upon doing some delving I found something that may cure the ache until a new Skate.

Get ready to flip off the rust

The game is called Session, and has been developed by indie dev team Crea-ture Studios in Montreal. Back in November of 2017 they started a Kickstarter to fund the game, which gained 3,405 backers, and had $163,716 (Canadian) donated towards the title. This game has obviously been in the works for a while, and is not fresh off the press news. However, I was unaware of it until not long ago, and the great thing is that it will be available this month! On September 17th, Session will be open for early access. It has been developed for Xbox One and Windows, so even though there are no ties to Playstation, there is at least the options of PC for those who don’t sit on the side of team Xbox.

The trailer that was released back in August gives us a good indication as to how the game will feel. It looks to utilise a lot of the same control system as Skate does. Which in my opinion is a great thing, I can no longer return to buttons for flip tricks! It is yet unknown how the game will play. I noticed that in the trailer sometimes the skaters look a bit “floaty”. It is important to remember though that the game is still early access, so improvements can be made.

Honestly I just think it’s good to have a new skating game to try. From my time browsing, it is evident that the demand for these games is still there. They may not sell as many copies as Madden or FIFA, but I am sure that they would sell a good amount! There is hope that Session gives EA some inspiration to produce more extreme sport games. Let’s hit some ramps and slopes!

Look out for Session this September

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