Ubisoft Reveals New FPS Battle Royale Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape
Hyper Scape is coming, Ubisoft has given out access Today to a few people.

Hyper Scape is coming!

Ubisoft revealed their new FPS battle royale game today in the form of Hyper Scape. On top of the reveal, a developer diary showed off their plans for the game, along with how they decided to build the game, and that the game is available for download for a “technical test” right now – if you’re lucky enough to get a drop on Twitch. The test will be accessible from today through July 7

The development team says they are aiming to streamline the battle royale experience for players by changing how Hyper Scape deals with inventory, weapon drops, revives, and much more. During the course of a match, the player is able to pick up guns that can be upgraded by collecting the same weapon. Pieces of those weapons will upgrade your current weapon in a variety of different ways based on the type. If you are killed, your two other teammates can revive you if they are able to kill three other players. In the meantime, you can run around as an “echo” to give your teammates an edge.

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As the trailer above shows,  verticality is a major force in the gameplay loop as players traverse Neo Arcadia. However, the biggest change in the battle royale format that Hyper Scape introduces is a different way to win the game as a team. In the final stages of the game, players are able to either outlast the rest of the lot to become the sole survivor or capture a crown that appears in the last location on the map. Those that survive for 45 seconds with the crown win the game. Capturing the crown reveals the player’s location on the map, making for an epic scramble in the last few moments of the match.

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Other aspects of the game are “decaying” environments in lieu of a ring collapsing, abilities such an air slam, and events that occur randomly which are selected by viewers on Twitch. Ubisoft seems to be planning to keep the game running for quite a while as a battle pass and seasons are planned. The developer video also seemed to hint at new game modes, weapons, and maps as well.

An official release date for Hyper Scape is not yet known, but be sure to stick to the Daily Gaming Report for any new news about this already popular game.

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