Horizon Zero Dawn Possibly Getting PC Release

A screenshot from Horizon Zero Dawn where Aloy is aiming an arrow at a machine beast.
One of the best PS4 exclusives could be making an appearance on PC (Source: Imgur)

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is rumored to have an upcoming PC release, according to anonymous sources. According to an article via Kotaku.com, sources who are “familiar with Sony’s plans” have spoken saying Aloy will be making an appearance on PC sometime soon. Also, according to Kotaku.com, Sony did not respond to a request for comment regarding these rumors.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-RPG where the player plays as Aloy, a hunter with a mysterious origin story, in a world riddled with mechanical, hostile beasts. It is the first of its franchise by developer Guerrilla Games. Originally launched in February 2017, the game was met with great reviews and was both commercially and critically successful.

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Being a PlayStation exclusive, it would be interesting to see Horizon Zero Dawn make its way onto PC. Other PlayStation exclusive titles such as The Last Of Us have never made their way onto PC, so this would be something new from Sony.

Check out gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn below.

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