Hitman 3 cast confirmed!

Hitman 3 Cast
Cast announced for Hitman 3

The New Cast Of Hitman 3 Should Be A Hit!

Yesterday’s tweet from IO Interactive confirmed the cast for the upcoming  January 2021 installment of Hitman. For anyone that is a fan than to be honest, it’s nothing new, but still exciting none the less.

Isaura Barbé-Brown-Olivia Hall. Isaura you might recognize from Fantastic beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald playing Laurena Kama. Olivia Hall is a hacker and ally of the Private Militia. She was also instrumental in the kidnapping of the ‘Constant’.

John Hopkins-Lucas Grey. John Hopkins is probably best known for his role in Midsomer Murders. He has also voiced Lucas Grey in Hitman 2 and the Shadow client in Hitman 1, as well as Assassins Creed Syndicate and Horizon Zero Dawn (to name a couple). Lucas Grey, also known as Subject 6 is genetically engineered and supposedly close friend of Agent 47.

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David Bateson-Agent 47. This guy could be the real Agent 47! He has been voicing him since 2000 and even looks like him! David also has a giant list of films and TV under his belt. Do you need a short description of Agent 47? Thought not.

Jane Perry-Diana Burnwood. Anyone that has played Ghost Recon: Wildlands will know Jane Perry as Karen Bowman. She is a veteran of the Hitman franchise starting out as the voice for the in-game tutorial and mission Narrator, before becoming Diana Burnwood in 2016. Burnwood is Agent 47’s handler and provides him with mission and information from the ICA.

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Phillip Rosch-The Constant. Voicing the Constant since 2016, he has been a regular as well as having a film career starting from 1989. The real name of the Constant is Arthur Edwards and the main antagonist from Hitman 2.

All that remains now is to see if they bring back the most killed man Sean Bean!!!

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